Friday, May 7, 2010

Team Building Activity: Gumballl 3000

This week we had a team building activity: a roadtrip to see the Gumball 3000. Before everyone gives me heck about why we aren't tearing in the the Metro or working on our CVT adapter, just how many chances do I get to go see the Gumball 3000?

First, a little background on the Gumball 3000: it's a 3000 mile "roadtrip" for rich people in very expensive cars. The route changes every event and this year the organiser split it between Europe and North America. Yes, they flew cars over from Europe, some coming from as far as the middle East (Kuwait, Dubai and UAE). Two stopovers included Quebec City and Toronto. We just couldn't resist.

The plan was to leave from Ottawa on the Wednesday morning, drive to Quebec city, stay the night and watch the cars come in, leave on the Thursday morning, follow the Gumballers down towards Toronto all the way to their stopover at Shannonville Raceway and then head home. 1400 kms roundtrip.

Needless to say this plan was executed flawlessly, and pictures speak for themselves:

Now how i all this LeMons related? We got to know how the teams fares while stuck in the same car on a silly roadtrip for no good reason... But most importantly we now fully know that Jim is a complete nutjob.