Monday, February 1, 2010

Jackshaft replacement and adapter

As mentioned before, we're in the process of trying to make something to connect the snowmobile bits to the car transmission bits. First task is to get measurements of everything, meaning the snowmobile secondary sheave (pulley for those not in the know), the flywheel/clutch assembly, and how much space we have to physically mount everything in the car.

Due to the weather (see Greg's post on carbs) I decided to start indoors and try to get measurements on the secondary sheave. Its a bitch to measure internal splines, because nobody at the shop has the proper gauges, so we're doing it from scratch. If we had the jackshaft from the sled of course it would have taken about 3 minutes... I'm gonna have to use a bit of trial and error to find the proper splines. I would also welcome any suggestions on a better way to do this.

Next post we'll try to get a couple crappy cad drawings (hah! that would make a good name for the Microsoft competitor to Google sketchup...) or something visual done, so our fair readers and the guys at the shop (who think this is a stupid idea) get the picture.

In other news, while laying this stuff out, there's a couple proposed changes to the layout of the super shaft replacement, things that will be better explained with pictures. You can kind of get an idea on how it all goes together in the picture below. There is also a pressing need to inspect our secondary, meaning let's take it apart, see how it works, make sure it actually does work and see if this facilitates measuring.

Lastly, I have been lectured (again?) on the need to properly align all of these shafts and make sure the supports are stiff enough to not cause unpleasant issues like splines failing. I almost feel like buying that !@#$% plasma cutter I've been wanting for a while to cut up the engine block and see if I can just use that as some sort of support structure...

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