Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slicing Through the Firefly

In order to maintain a clean workspace, move along with the project, recover some money and re-use some sheet metal, it was time to cut through the Firefly parts car. Nothing fancy really, just a sawzall, some decent blades and a few angle grinders did the trick. I keep being reminded how little there is to a car.

Man, these Fireflies come with everything including the kitchen sink:

Okay before anyone complains about it, we may have artificially the salvage weight of our scrap metal pile... A short trip to the metal recyclers yielded 91$ !!!! We also have to do another trip shortly.

While we're on the topic of work areas, our reader (yes, singular) has asked for a picture of our super garage, well P.G. here it is:


Well the last few weeks have been really informative for some team members: learning about rust and just how far the damage can extend from where you think it stops. Most important however is learning to deal with it!

Firstly, we decided to tackle something "easy", fixing the front shock tower rust holes. For our devoted readers, you may remember these used to be patched up with fibreglass. Well, we started by recycling the front fenders from the Firefly and start cutting up some patches. This is a fairly straightforward operation and quite boring, unless...

You decide to cheap out, because it's a Lemons project and you will weld up everything using flux cored wire in your MIG welder!!! Needless to say this was a horrible idea. For anyone who's ever tried this, you will sympathise. For anyone who have never tried it, don't! Save yourself the trouble.

To make a long story short, I eventually bought shielding gas and things are better now... Pictures show work done so far:

On a side note, a big shout out to Bill from California. He's a seasoned Lemoneer who decided to visit us and share an absolutely astonishing amount of information with us. I'm glad to say we we're also able to teach him a little something too: there's a BIG difference between a 500$ car in California, versus a 500$ car in Ontario. Thanks again Bill!