Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slicing Through the Firefly

In order to maintain a clean workspace, move along with the project, recover some money and re-use some sheet metal, it was time to cut through the Firefly parts car. Nothing fancy really, just a sawzall, some decent blades and a few angle grinders did the trick. I keep being reminded how little there is to a car.

Man, these Fireflies come with everything including the kitchen sink:

Okay before anyone complains about it, we may have artificially the salvage weight of our scrap metal pile... A short trip to the metal recyclers yielded 91$ !!!! We also have to do another trip shortly.

While we're on the topic of work areas, our reader (yes, singular) has asked for a picture of our super garage, well P.G. here it is:


  1. That looks like a bathroom sink to me. I wonder what the option code was to get that in a GEO Metro.

  2. When is the beast going to be up and running?