Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another brief work update, this time with pictures. I apologise if I ramble on a bit about details or if this is unclear. Eric and I have put in a few hours since our last update and progress is good. Welding is always fun and rewarding as the transition from planning a panel to finishing one is pretty quick.

We tied the bottom of the rear window frames to the blue part, which was fairly straightforward. I also added a few rectangles around where the hatch bottom is. That portion is done! You can also see where there are patches needed on the rusty portions of the shock towers.

Before/after pictures of welding the floor of the red car to the floor of the blue car. I fully remember why I dislike welding underneath anything. This portion is probably the ugliest of all, but it's solid and isn't going anywhere! On the rightmost edge of the second picture, you can see where the new floor panel is spot welded to the former rear subframe rails. From this portion, we need to make new panels to tie from there to the outside of the car, where the rockers are (or used to be) .

These are top view of where the blue car footwells used to be. These are now one piece with the "new" floor you saw in the pair of pictures showing underneath the car. This is also tied into the transmission tunnel. Everything is now fully tied into the floor of the Metro .

Don't tell Eric (it'll go to his head), but I think he's finally starting to get decent at MIG welding. Next on the to-do list is more patch panels on the rockers, fixing the rust damage on the blue shock towers and a general workspace cleanup. Another scrap metal run is surely in order, as well as deciding/preparing for winter!

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