Friday, January 15, 2010

What's the deal here... Part 2! AN ENGINE!

Getting a better feel for the rules in these types of events. Generally, everything has to be safe, and in case it explodes (which it will), you should not die or be injured severely. Also, doing some research, we decide that both the GRM challenge and Lemons races tend to favour outlandish builds, ridiculous engine swaps and total mayhem.

The team discussions inevitably lead to small cars with powerful (big?) engines. I've personally always wanted to have a bike engined car. 900cc+ displacement, outrageous redline, lightweight, sequential gearbox, I could go on. Of course, being in Canada, finding a bike engine can easily, easily put us over the "500$" limit.

What we do have in Canada are snowmobiles, and lots of them. Some of the larger snowmobiles have engines producing 200 hp. These are also belt driven, through a CVT, which means they have no gears, which could be interesting.

We end up scoring a sweet deal on a wrecked and disassembled Yamaha V-max 750 for 100$. 140hp of two-stroke goodness, not running and in pieces.

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