Friday, January 15, 2010

What's the deal here... Part 3 A CAR!!!

A short while after getting our snowmobile engine, and selling off bits from the wreck, we manage to recover our money. A free engine! There are a few issues, like one of the reed valve bolts snapped in the cylinder head. Somebody (previous owner) forgot to heat up the threadlocker used to keep it in place and was slightly overzealous with the wrench... Picture soon!!!

We had to take apart that cylinder, which is great because the whole engine has individual cylinder castings. Gotta love modular Yamaha design. Worst case we'll have to find a new cylinder casting.

Then came THE SCORE. Greg got us a wicked deal on a freeeeeeee 1994 geo metro with and autotragic transmission. It really was free, previous owner was junking it because its too expensive to fix.

The GOOD: Seems to have recently redone brakes, new lines, we even managed to get it started.

The BAD: Handbrake seized on us (we cut it). Driver's side floor is gone, the bottom of the rockers too and the windshield is cracked. Otherwise, its remarkably clean.

Conclusion, we've got a car, a non-running engine and no idea how to put it all together...

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