Friday, January 15, 2010

What's the deal here... Part 4 ANOTHER CAR!

Well, After doing some measuring and checking, we have an issue. Let me explain. As I have stated before, we are intending on putting a snowmobile engine driving the rear wheels on a small hatchback. This is not an easy or intuitive thing to visualise, how do you actually get a drivetrain in the back. Firstly, I have no idea how this is all going to look like in the end at this point. Secondly, how to actually do this has been debated A LOT! We're trying something that is, I think, a new approach. There are certainly other ways of doing this, some may even be easier.

Back to my issue, the idea is to get the front subframe from another car, and stick it where the rear wheels would/should be on the Geo. Unfortunately, the Geo is a very small car, especially when it comes to width. Finding a donor car that is fairly narrow to fit in is no mean feat. We're pretty much limited to other small cars. Ideally we'd want something close to the same width to begin with, what better than the same car:

Behold, a 1992 Pontiac Firefly TURBO!!! 1litre of 3 cylinder turbocharged crap! Actually for sale, listed at 500$. We managed to get it for 150$. It doesn't run, is a complete rustbucket and would never, ever, no matter how much time/money you throw at it be restorable. It does have a few things of interest to us however:
  • A nice, still structurally sound front subframe, complete with axles, springs, dampers and an anti-roll bar
  • More wheels
  • Rear anti-roll bar
  • Great looking skirts, hood scoop and wing (this is really a joke, I don't like the look of this myself)
  • A functional 5 speed transmission and clutch
Yes, we did buy another crap car. Next post will be more technical on how this will all go together.

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