Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Who: Part 1

: Eric "McGiber" Giberson
Age: 24
Education : Software Engineering
Position on team : Supreme Leader and Team Flogger

Short description:
Renowned for finding the most outlandish and somehow greatest solutions to the simplest problems(also known as "Pulling a Giber"), he spent most of his childhood making and breaking his toys. Always accepting "why not" as a good reason to do something he spent his formative years working on countless legendary projects such as the Skluge and the infamous antique sail boat restoration. He's experience and engineering prowess knows no bounds. Known to everyone, his superhero like set of skills has even inspired a theme song praising his unsurpassed awesomeness. Always motivated by the pursuit of speed and pushing boundries, he is now tasked with leading this team to build the ultimate race/death machine.

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