Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Who: Part 2 (Not the band... in case you're wondering)

Alexandre "Burger" Bergeron
Age: 22
Education: Mechanical Engineering Master's Student
Position on team: Gopher ( as in go for this, go for that) and go-to guy

After countless ridiculous projects such as restoring completely rusted through BMWs to masterminding the historical preservation of antique sailing ships, Alexandre is no stranger to hopeless projects. Having customised his own tricycle for speed at the tender age of four, and later doing an engine and battery swap in his 10$ pink Barbie Power Wheels (12V to 24V oh yeah!) at the age of seven, his expertise on the Metroneige project is unmatched (by other team members :P).

Current interests include materials science, his thesis on sailboat dynamics, LEGO pneumatic engines and world travel. He is also a newly literate member of the team and has been volunteered the tasks of finances and co-authoring the Metroneige blog. Like almost all engineers, he suffers from an overblown ego, overconfidence and the pathological need to be outlandish. Team members are authorised to dispense lashings accordingly and they can only release him from his cage once every two weeks.

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