Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Who: Part 4

Name: Jean-Michel Roy (AKA -> J-M, Jim, Kermit, Jimbotron, Jimbo, Jimmy King... the list goes on)
Age: err 24?
Education: Mech Eng Master's student, B.Sc.A Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc. Information Technology
Position on team: Complete n00b/NOZZLES!!!! the definite voluntold guy

J-M would like to announce he is starting a Ph.D in January 2011!!!!!!!

Complete newbie when it comes to tinkering with cars but with the background to understand how/why things work the way they do. Has been voluntold to deal with the aerodynamics of the metroneige , will try to integrate supersonic nozzles to validate the past 4 months of his thesis work. Will prevent other team members (ie. Greg) from ruining perfect aerodynamics for useless functions such as cooling brakes, the engine and especially the driver. Will not back down from foolish and often life threatening ideas such as: 1st time winter camping without the use of fire, 1st time canoeing in rapids - attempting some completely impossible rapids while ALMOST succeeding, building a rear wheel drive swift with a snowmobile engine.

Calm and quiet in most situations, extremely talkative in a canoe or when vast amounts of sugar are involved. Secretly a ninja. Also secretly wishes the car was powered by a gas turbine featuring blades coated with a TBC composed of a bond coat and YSZ ceramic layer. Would also prefer carbon fibre body panels (with fibreglass for impact resistance) and use of ceramic-metal-matrix-composite components for that extra oomph of course all under the 500$ budget limit...-


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  2. Congrats Jimmyboy!
    I guess our little discussion in burger's car was fruitful.

    I'll send an email to Bert to let him know!

    Dr Jim...