Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Who: Part 3

Name: Greg Jewell
Age: 24
Education: B.Sc. Software Engineering from The University of Ottawa, Canada
Position on team: Racing Veteran and Guru

I have been racing karts with the NCKC going on 15 years. Last year I started tutoring new racers in the "art" of karting and I'm hoping that I can adapt my skills to this form of racing. I've wanted to give car racing a try for some time, but until now I've not had the opportunity. Along with being a pretty good car mechanic thanks to my Dad, I also have a passion for building "one-off" crazy custom computers. In the next few years I will be converting an old Sun Enterprise 450 chassis into a self contained juke box with an integrated touch screen, integrated speakers, and possibly a remote control setup. My other projects include building a one of a kind 1935 Oldsmobile pickup truck with my Dad, fixing whatever junker car I am currently driving, and continuing my search for the perfect Classic Austin Mini.

On the Metroneige project, I will be in charge of designing and building all of the cooling ducts that will channel fresh air to the brakes, engine, rad, driver, etc, as well as general labouring. I will also be the driving/racing instructor to my fellow drivers

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